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Here is the church,
And here is the steeple.
Open the doors
And see all the people.

The United Methodist Church of Red Bank is its people. We have a magnificent church, a lofty steeple, and ample facilities for fellowship, education, music, and mission. We benefit greatly from our church structure-but we really are, basically, the collective blessings (and shortcomings) of our people.

We are people who have gathered together in search of something. We seek for ourselves – and we seek to give generously to others. We seek understanding, repair, and forgiveness. We seek love. Those of us who have strength and resources, share. We share our understanding, we strive to heal, and we commit to forgiveness. We long to share our blessings and love with the world.

Our model is Jesus Christ. Jesus cared. Jesus shared. Jesus forgave. Jesus healed. Jesus died in preservation of these sacred principles. Some of us feel and worship His divine nature. Some struggle with specific words and specific ideas. But we all look to Jesus and the Bible for inspiration and truth. We look to tradition, we look to experience, and we look to reason. We pray to God and we seek a sacred Spirit in our lives.

You may indeed have to open a door "to see all the people." Our outside door might be closed today just to keep out the heat or snow, but if you dare open it, we intend that you will find all of our other doors wide open. We commit to welcoming you. We commit to welcoming all. So please open our door and you will see all our people-perfect and yet still striving for perfection. Come in and experience the compassion and joy. Be moved by the music, by the witness, and by the prayer. Feel the love of God.

Again, welcome to the United Methodist Church of Red Bank! Click here to meet the staff.

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